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Wanderer Companion Bracelet | Saint Francis of Assisi

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When you feel a sense of closeness to another person or to God, the Wanderer Companion Bracelet does it with you: it's hand made, dainty and minimal, while the woven technology underneath protects, shines, and outlasts.
We designed them to be easy to take with you - and to always have your favorite Saint by your side.

You get one (1) Companion Bracelet, with one (1) Saint Francis of Assisi Medal, and one (1) Saint Francis of Assisi Prayer Card

Hand Made to Order


• Individually wrapped and packaged
• Comfortable and fully adjustable for daily wear, from 5 inches round to 10 inches round - it will fit anyone's wrist!
• Material: Waxed 100% Polyester Linhasita cord - will not stretch, break or fade easily and will not fray over time
• Material Thickness: approximately 1mm, but feels thinner when pulled tight!
• One (1) Saint Francis of Assisi medal, oxidized silver
• One (1) Saint Francis of Assisi Prayer Card
• Hand-made