Rugged Wanderer Handmade Waterproof Twine Knotted Rosary Bracelet with Silicone Bead

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Suitable for any adventure you take them on.

Never worry about your rosary bracelet breaking or tarnishing.

These bracelets are waterproof, durable and made to last.

The key feature of this bracelet is that it includes one (1) 12 mm medical grade quality silicone bead...these are SAFE & FUNCTIONAL, BPA free, and made out of non-toxic material.

• Hand Made to Order, 3-5 days production time; 3-5 days shipping time

• 100 twine/bead combinations to choose from - design your own!


•Individually wrapped and packaged in clear polybag
•Fully adjustable and comfy for daily wear
•includes One (1) exclusive How to Pray the Bracelet Rosary card
•Quality Material: knotted, high quality #36 size twine, 3 strand twisted 100% nylon
•One (1) 12 millimeter BPA Free, durable, and waterproof silicone bead
•Knotted twine Cross
•Length will vary slightly, approx. 7"-10'' long

Keep your prayers close at hand with this twine knotted rosary bracelet!