Get a Peek at new Saint-inspired, Catholic Pennants

Why not?

..probably the most uttered phrase in our Shop and also the most provocative: why not forces us to actively think about what's next at Wanderer Catholic and in order to do that, we have to get out of our comfort zones.

There is a certain excitement, happiness, and energy that comes from saying it out loud that we love. While we love it, the truth is most of the time what we come up with just doesn't fit with our mission. While disappointing, we've come to love it too because it gets us closer to the right path and moving forward.

Speaking of paths, the one we found to follow in August 2019 led us to work on catholic pennants! Why pennants?

First, many of our customers have mentioned it as an item they'd be interested in seeing in our webstore.

Second, many of our customers already enjoy sports and/or are college and professional sports fans.

Finally, there is a big demand for unique and inspirational home decor.

What we did first was ask our email subscribers what phrases they would like to see on a pennant. We got tons of pennant design ideas, so what we had to do next was boil it down to the two most requested: "Totus Tuus" and "Be Not Afraid". 

Then, Joanna got to work making some raw sketches on paper and in adobe illustrator:

Totus Tuus Catholic Pennant, Totus Tuus Wanderer Catholic Pennant, Totus Tuus Wanderer Catholic new product development

Totus Tuus Wanderer Catholic Pennant, Totus Tuus Wanderer Catholic product development, Totus Tuus Catholic Pennant, Wanderer Catholic

Be Not Afraid Catholic Pennant by Wanderer Catholic, Be Not Afraid Wanderer Catholic, Be Not Afraid new pennant, Wanderer Catholic pennants

Now that we have some artwork to play with, we can start sourcing colors, materials, and font options.

There are 15 color choices under consideration in all kinds of combinations across pennants, bands and ties. While we sift and sort through all the different material and color combo's, we settled early on a font style for each design.

A key requirement of the experience is that we want our customers to feel a high quality material in their hands and get excited about displaying them in their homes. This purpose narrowed how we sourced the materials and made it easy to decide from the get go that they must not be made of anything cheap or processed outside the USA. To complement this approach, we decided the finishing process would be entirely hand made.

It's been so much fun talking to our customers and researching a totally new product category. Stay tuned to see what happens.

The next steps include selecting a partner to help us mock up and print some samples, sharing them as an exclusive with our email subscriber list, and if all goes well making an Order and listing them in our Shop!

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