Ministry Content

Why is youth ministry important to us? 

Growing up, Krystyna and Evan both experienced significant challenges that helped shape them into the adults that they are today. Because of those experiences, they both have a deep relationship with Christ and have always felt called to work in youth and young adult education and ministry. 

Before Evan's current role as Director of Youth and Young Adults at a Dallas parish he served as a program coordinator for youth ministry, the coordinator of young adults for a diocese while in college, and has been a volunteer in many parishes before that. Evan's approach to ministry is to form missionary disciples of Christ by investing time and building relationships with those that he encounters. This approach to ministry is modeled by Jesus in the Gospels and rooted in Catholic magisterial teaching. 

Throughout his years of ministry, evan has been able to travel to Mexico City with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) for a sports mission trip and to Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day 2016. While at World Youth Day he was able to give a short reflection on the life and inspiration of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati at the WYDUSA Frassati Prayer Service for the USCCB. He has also had the privilege of attending multiple youth ministry conferences and retreats to continuous learn about ministry and gain new experiences. 

It is has always been a dream of Evan's to meet other ministry leaders across the country and collaborate on content and experiences. Please contact him via if you have any questions about the resources and services listed below.   

Creative Content Design

Logo and Graphic Design

Need a cool logo for your youth ministry? How about a t-shirt for your next retreat? Let us do the hard work for you! We love creating custom pieces to match your needs and goals. We are able to create completely custom logos and designs to go on websites, apparel, documents, and other printed materials. 

Social Media Content 

We are happy to help you navigate Social Media platforms and teach you the basics of using social media to engage with youth and young adults. If you are looking for a specific series of posts or designs we can help with that too! 

Retreat Themes and Schedules

We all love retreats! Ok we all love GOING on retreats.. Let us take the hard tasks out of your hands, and you can worry about getting the kids signed up. We will make your retreat schedule with talk ideas and themes so that you just need to assign duties! 

Speaking Engagements

Krystyna and I both love to minister to youth and young adults about our experiences and education. Topics that we have spoken about in the past include: [Evan] lose of family members, sports and health, technology and youth ministry, core member training, apologetics, relationships and marriage, saints discussions; [Krystyna] college life, Biblical Femininity, relationships and marriage, saints  discussions, depression and anxiety, biblical reference studies, and apologetics. 

Just have a question? 

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