Rosary Hikes

Every day, my love for the mountains grows more and more. If my studies permitted, I’d spend whole days in the mountains contemplating the Creator’s greatness in that pure air.

- Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Our family loves to be outside. We also love to be busy, and we often find ourselves planning adventures and errands for the entire weekend around Mass, but we neglect additional prayer time. Rosary Hikes are a great way for us mesh a need and a want together. 

- Lake Mineral Wells State Park, TX

In fall of 2021, we decided to invite some groups of our friends on Rosary Hikes. These turned into great opportunities for us to hang out and talk about our beautiful faith, while also getting out into nature. 

We learned that a good Rosary Hike takes a bit of planning and preparation. We've put together a free (with purchase) Rosary Hike guide that you can download to help you prepare for an upcoming Rosary Hike. 

You can download the guide here. 

To get this guide for free use code HIKEGUIDE at checkout when purchasing any of our products. You must have the Rosary Hike Guide in your cart at the time you add the code for it to work.

Here are some of our most important tips when it comes to planning a Rosary Hike (many of which are included in the guide): 

  1. Pick a date, and pick a rain date. 
  2. Pick a location based on your wants and needs. For example choose a place you've been really wanting to see that keeps popping up on your Instagram. Or maybe you know you need some place that allows you to bring your dog. 
  3. Read reviews for your trail in advance. We use and recommend the All Trails app. You can see what other people have said about the trails (mostly shady, mostly sunny, uphill/downhill, not marked/well marked). We also encourage you to leave reviews to help others out in the future!
  4. Check to make sure you don't need a reservation. Many State and National Parks actually require reservations even if you're not staying overnight (especially on holiday weekends). You can typically reserve a day pass up to a month in advance. 
  5. Check the weather periodically the week leading up to your event, and plan outfits and gear accordingly. 
  6. Bring a cooler. Pack your cooler with water and healthy snacks for when you complete your hike. Check out our Get Up, Go Out and Pray Packing List (available on our Etsy shop: WandererCatholicEXT) for some packing recommendations! 
  7. Don't forget your rosary!! 

We hope you have fun on your Rosary Hike! Don't forget to share photos and tag us (@wanderercatholic) with #RosaryHike ! 

- Max and Evan at Dinosaur Valley State Park, TX