COVID-19 Message from Joanna and Matt

To Our Community,

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and the guidance provided by state and federal agencies.

Wanderer Catholic is still operating. We have moved to a staggered and shorter schedule that allows us to group and make Orders in batches rather than in stages over time. What is not changing is the quality process by which we make our products: we have always produced our products with minimized contact points, washed and sanitized hands before and after production runs, and utilized gloves to reduce fingerprinting and contamination. Since we are operating in batch runs we can comprehensively ensure “clean zones” for each production run from end to end and maintain the high quality standard you expect from us.


What does this mean for you? As of today, very little. Orders are currently going out within our standard lead times. We know this situation evolves by the hour and our status may change at any moment. We will update this page if our lead times change or we adjust our operations further. 


We are putting most of our catalog on sale. We know many of our customers are feeling anxiety about what is going on. Some of our retail customers have shut down operations completely, and are moving to all online ordering. Effective today we have discounted our catalog in numerous ways:


  • On our Etsy Store, if you buy 4 items you get 15% off. If you buy 5 items, you get 20% off. If you buy over $100 worth of items, you get 25% off your entire purchase. Your cart will update automatically.


As an independent small business ourselves (just two of us here!), we know firsthand just how challenging this time is - for us and for other small and medium sized businesses in our niche.

Our near term mission is to align how we operate with critical public health priorities, ensure we spend time with family, reorganize our workshop, update our website and Etsy platforms, and design some new gear: check out our brand new patches - just got these in!

Also, this past Monday we released our new line of beautiful Morse Code Bracelets on Etsy and our website! 


During this time of change, please do what you can to support all the small businesses you love. It’s uncertain times like these when they all need all the support possible. Every dollar you spend with them goes a long way to ensure they weather this storm. Stay safe, wash your hands, think of your neighbors and support small business.


Resources: We have also found a few resources that have been particularly valuable and glad to share them with you:

  • How to support independent businesses right now. outlines steps you can take as a consumer to help businesses right now. If you own a business, share it with your customers. I've seen many amazing companies post versions of this list on social media and responses seem overwhelmingly positive and supportive
  • Parents no doubt are grappling with the complexity of figuring out how to best structure time productively for kids who are home. There are a lot of great articles - we  found this one particularly helpful.

Finally, if your business is running any promotions or initiatives during this time and would like our help spreading the word, please reach out to me. We would love to promote you via our social media feeds and any other channels that may be relevant. You can contact me at

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