Iron-On Patches

Iron-On Patches

Catholic patches?! What more could we ask for? But what makes our patches great?

Our patches are made by the best embroiders with the best materials. Patches are sew with a polyester blend twill which provides ultra durability, bright colors, and softness. Our patches have iron-on backing already applied to them so that you only have to do the ironing. However, we do encourage you to reinforce the ironing by sewing the edges of your patch down, especially if the patch is going on a high-traffic item like a jacket sleeve or pants. This, and they are so inspiring and faithful! We love that our patches start conversations and motivate people!

Currently we offer three unique patches featuring three of our favorite designs:

Where do I put patches? 

Patches can go on virtually any cotton or polyester material. We highly discourage ironing on patches to nylon and rayon as it can damage the material. Additionally, some items may need special handling so that it does not get damaged. For example, you may need to use a light towel if you were ironing a patch onto a rain jacket, but not if you were ironing onto a cotton t-shirt or jeans. We recommend that you research what is suggested for ironing on patches for the specific item or material you are wanting to put your patch on.

There are many different places you can put your patches! Here are some of our favorite places! 

places for patches graphic

Ironing on your patch: steps to perfection! 

Materials you will need to iron-on your Wanderer Catholic Patch:

  • One patch of your choice
  • Your blank canvas - see above for some inspiration! 
  • A iron that has a no steam setting
  • An ironing board
  • A light towel (like a hand towel, washcloth, or kitchen towel) or old tshirt to place over your patch while ironing 
  • For reinforcement:
    • thread the color of the border of the patch (either black or white for Wanderer Catholic patches)
    • thick sewing needle


  1. Set your iron to a medium-high setting and make sure the steam function is turned off. 
  2. Use your iron to heat up the blank surface (not much, warm to the touch is fine), then place your patch in place you want it adhered.
  3. Place your towel or tshirt over the patch and press your iron down over the towel and patch. Do not move the iron until you have held it for at least 30 seconds, then you could move the iron in circular motions around the patch. We recommend using the center of the iron, not the tip. 
  4. Take the iron off after 30-45 seconds, remove the towel and let the patch cool. Check to see if the patch is adhered by gently pulling up on one side. If the patch is not adhered, you can try ironing the patch directly, without the towel.
  5. Once the patch is adhering properly, let the patch cool completely before really moving around the item you put it on, just to make sure it dries properly. 
  6. If you are putting your patch on something that gets used a lot, like a backpack or clothing you should consider reinforcing the ironing by sewing the patch as well. This can be simply done by threading a thick needle (you may have to go to a craft store for this - ones that come in small sewing kits may not be thick enough to go through the patch) with the same color thread as the border and doing a simple straight stitch around the border of your patch. 

We hope you enjoy your Wanderer Catholic Patch! 

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