Spanish Guadalupe Sticker | Catholic Stickers

Spanish Guadalupe Sticker | Catholic Stickers

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The apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe came to Mexican native / convert Juan Diego telling him to build a church there in her honor.

Juan Diego went before the Bishop to see that the church be built, but he was ordered to bring proof back that Our Lady existed.

He returned with a Tilma (cloak) full of flowers that the Virgin placed on him.
When Juan Diego opened his Tilma, the flowers fell upon the floor in the Bishop's presence, and on the fabric was the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The fabric with the image were eventually processed back to the place where the Virgin's apparition first appeared to Juan Diego and shortly thereafter a church was built to honor and display it for all.

This sticker says "Let not your heart be disturbed." Which Our Lady said to Juan Diego during one of her apparitions when he was scared  


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•Size: 3'' tall x 2.5'' wide
•Material: Vinyl